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These studios are designed to cater for all of our member’s needs in an environment where the group classes feel as though they are a one on one with a personal trainer.

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Specialized Training Studios

All our G specialized training studios are facilitated by leading experts in the fitness industry.

Mind and body

Originating from ancient India, bring the mind and body to rest while you focus on whats ahead of you, and your health.

Improve your own flexibility.

Perfect your own posture. Build natural muscles.

Relaxes your system. Helps you focus.

Release the tension build up in your limbs.

Build the awareness for transformation. Direction.

Pilates body conditioning.

Strength, Flexibility and stability. Build your abdomen and back muscles area with the incredible Joseph Pilates system.

Centering your focus points.

Concentrating, its the mind that will guide the body.

Control. Work from the center and with full concentration.

Precision. Keep that goal in mind and build towards it.

Breathing. The rhythm of the breath and your heart beats.

Flowing. Keep the flow going, don't break the transitions between moves.

Total body fitness

incorporate martial arts and boxing, for a complete workout and training. Bring the self defense into your lifestyle.

Building and functional toning.

Cardio vascular workouts to boost your fitness.

Turning weight loss into an interactive workout.

Self-defense. Gain the confidence in a dangerous situation.

Cardiovascular workout.

Improving the overall efficiency of your body's cardiovascular health.

Reduce the risk of certain health issues.

Control your weight.

Improve bone and muscle health.

Exercise with your friends and family. Ensuring you do it regularly.

Boost your dancing skills

Elements of the ballroom and Latin dance styles in a hip environment with constant movement.

Improve the overall condition of your heart and lungs.

Increase your motor fitness and overall endurance.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis and stronger bones.

More focused coordination, agility and flexibility.

Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Power and agility, your strength.

Build power and agility in your lower body through great explosive training with tires, improving your strength.

Functional exercises, helping to improve explosiveness for running.

Using body-weight with functional exercises on the tire.

Building leg strength performing tire jumps, vertically.

Focus on your balance, improving coordination where you land.

The overall body workout for your quick endurance training's.

Boxing, K1, K1 Conditioning

A martial art originating in ancient Thailand from the Muay Boran system

Fundamentally focusing on the 8 Limbs for attacking and defending.

The classes are dynamic incorporating the martial art spirit.

Levels are: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Competition level.

Instructor: Simon (Integrated fighting systems @ Gym on the corner).

Boot Camp Classes

Military style

Military style workout that incorporates the whole body.

Instructors: Joni (Boot fit @ Gym on the corner).

Complete Body Workout

Complete Body Workout

Military style workout that incorporates the whole body.

Instructors: Joni (Boot fit @ Gym on the corner).

Aerobic Workout

Complete Body Workout

An aerobic workout conditioning and sculpting the whole body.

Joni (Body Con @ Gym on the corner).

Incorporate Your Body Weight

Complete Body Workout

Is a full body workout incorporating your body weight, in a high intensity interval training schedule.

Instructor: Lazola (Cali fit systems @ Gym on the corner).

A variety of swimming classes

Complete Body Workout

A variety of swimming classes are offered, beginning from Junior through to advanced adult classes.

Instructor: Shandre (swim for life @ Gym on the corner).

Full body stimulation.

Complete Body Workout

A full body aerobic workout using the water as resistance.

Instructor: Mienkie (Aqua fit @ Gym on the corner).

indoor Cycling Exercise

Complete Body Workout

An indoor cycling studio simulating an on road training experience.

Instructors: Linda, Lisa, Monique (Spin fit @ Gym on the corner).

An Athletic Adventure


An athletic adventure for all our young members, using football as the means to achieve this.

Teaching them all the fundamentals in a fun environment.

Instructor: Mao (Soccer fit @ Gym on the corner).